Video services

For Your actions, we offer You a possibility to note their course by video camera by our cameraman and resulting elaboration by digital video cutting room., with possibility of professional lettering, cutting, pictures transitions, putting in explanatory texts and notes, sounds mixing, additional completion of comments etc.

Prise for taking by video camera:

Prise includes cameraman's work. It means, that in reservation this service after taking ending cameraman hands over You video tape. So there aren't carried out any adjustments of taking video. He also hands over You photo-views on the cine-film (rarely on the carrier - card - at digital photos), respectively according to in advance concluded agreement. Prise for the video tape (which You can supply yourself), cine-film prise or medium prise and prise for cameraman's transportation aren't included in the total prise. Cameraman's transportation around Prague in a place of taking is on work days from 6 am to 8 pm cost free. Exclusive of this interval and on Saturdays, Sundays and festival it is according to agreement.

Notice: You can order complex service too, with video modification and with photos developing or their delivery on another carrier ( CD-R, etc.).

Price-list for the purposes of NNO-type organizations

(NNO = non-government non-profit organization):

on work days:

8,00 - 16,00

150 CZK per hour

record by camera

16,00 - 20,00

200 CZK per hour

record by camera

20,00 - 22,00

250 CZK per hour

record by camera

22,00 - 6,00

400 CZK per hour

record by camera

6,00 - 8,00

300 CZK per hour

record by camera