Under the statutes

Article 2 - Association objectives:

1)      Achieving coequal position of healthy disabled citizens and parents of healthy disabled children in society is the major goal.

2)      In order to attain this goal, association:

a)      promotes consistent application requirement of standard rules for equalization of opportunities for persons with healthy disablement, authorized by United Nations General Assembly

b)      is actively concerned in elaboration and adjustment of legal regulations which influence life of healthy disabled persons

c)      ensures social-law consultancy for healthy disabled citizens

d)      organizes and ensures educational activities for healthy disabled citizens, including re-qualification courses

e)      organizes and holds actions in the sphere of physical training, sport, culture, artistic creativity etc.

f)        issues informational and another materials relating to healthy disabled citizens, including materials which notify them of their legal status in society

g)      mediates purchase of needed technical equipment, which enable compensation of healthy disablement results which induce restriction of participation possibility in social life

h)      offers social intervention services

i)        offers social care services

j)        offers individual aid to healthy disabled citizens

k)      carries another activities, which are focused on aid to healthy disabled citizens  

3)      Closely cooperates with government agents, municipality as well as by other individual or artificial persons in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, in pursuance of its goals.