For handicapped persons ORFEUS can ensure transport by FORD Transit Combi microbus, which is invested with elevated platform for the transportation of wheelchair bounds with capacity enabling following variants: 1 + 8 or 1 + 5 + 2 wheelchairs (including electrical wheelchairs) or 1 + 2 + 4 wheelchairs.

Furthermore there are available personal vehicles without special equipment.

Drivers offer basic personal services simultaneously for the duration of transportation associated with get in and get out of the vehicle, with tendance in proximity of vehicle to the office or to the hospital, to the theatre, etc., if there isn't another tendance with client, and that is free of cost. If it is beyond above - mentioned frame, then the client dues is equal the personal assistance. With this aren't refer waiting time and charge for it.

This service is financed for the citizens of the Czech Republic, that's why the prices are for foreign interested persons negotiated.

Services price (CZK)


negotiated price

for health and physically handicapped identity card holders

negotiated price

seniors older than 65 years

negotiated price


first 15 minutes is free

waiting for client

negotiated price

waiting for client - every started 15 minutes after first half an hour

negotiated price

along waiting over 4 hours or distance over 500 km is negotiated price according to another criteria as are dytime, festivals, etc.

Prices out of Prague are conventional after argument, depending on distance, wait time and the like.

It is suitable to order at least 2 days in advance.

Services prices for health and physically handicapped identity card holders are possible, if grants are assign for this activity.

At the time of January and February are this prices meet (difference without grant) from own ORFEUS resources.

Contact: mobile phone - 606 740 529 - prefer

secretariat - 222 310 209

Prices are subject to revision depending on level of assign grants, and on petrol and oil trend in prices.