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Department of Social Work and Social Policy



organizes/holds a conference with international participation


Judging the living situation:

approaches, dilemmas, good practice

Hradec Králové

24th to 25th October 2008


Medial partner of the conference is:

S o c i a l r e v u e

Social work and social issues


Thematic spheres of the conference

. Development of approaches towards „judging" the living situation in social work - Social work has operated - within its own history - with numbers of different theoretical concepts and terms, relating to „judging" the living situation of female and male clients (e.g. social diagnosis, analysis, evaluation, saving, assessment): What trends could we watch/observe dutiny the historic development of social work in „judging" the Libiny situatuions of female and male clients ? How is the „judging" influenced by existing late-modernistic or post-modernistic theories ?

. Dilemmas in „judging" the living situation of a female or male klient - A whole range of dilemmas is connected with „judging": For example: to prefer qualitative or quantitative strategies of „judging"? Should a client (female or male) participate in assessment or is he/she rather its object ? What role in assessment should play medical diagnoses or incapacitation/restriction of capability to legal acts? When a client (female or male) loses a right of self-determination ?

. Examples of good practice in „judging" the living situation of female and male clients- - Significance of „judging" the living situation grows both in the field of social services as well as in public administration: How does the existing legislation of social work influence „judging" the living situation (e.g. Act on social services, Act on help in material misery, etc.) or Standards of quality of social services and how to carefully „judge" in this context ?

. „Judging" in context of a social order - Erosion of institutions of a secondary sociability and threat of placing economic effectiveness of services before needfulness of clients bring essential issues even into the sphere of „judging" the living situation: How does a social offer, as creator/author of unwritten standards for „judging" the living situation of female and male clients influence this process ? How is a social offer for „judging" consistent with vocational/occupational mission of social work ?

Range of participants

Workers of institutions of public administration and non-profit organizations in the field of social work, academic workers, students in the field of social work studies and related branches.

Course of the conference

Friday 24th October 2008 (opening preliminarily at 10:00 A.M., attendance from 09:00 A.M.), on Friday early evening there will be a social event/meeting of the conference participants connected with hospitality/banquet. Saturday 25th October 2008 (preliminarily until 12:00 A.M.).


Department of social work and social policy

The Department of social work and social policy originated on 1st September 2003 as one of three succession departments of the Institute of social studies. It guarantees the studies of a three-year bachelor´s programme Social work in daily and combined form, then consequential two-year studies of the magisterial programme Social work in daily form, since 2006 a new three-year branch Social work in public administration has been opened in a combined form. In aggregate there are 330 students studying in all types of study programmes at our department.

A graduate´s profile of the bachelor´s study programme Social work comprises preparation of workers for their exercise in statutory institutions at the level of state administration or self-administration, employment policy, justice, penitentiary, health service and educational system. Then it also includes preparation of workers of private legal institutions of the profit or non-profit form: institutional facilities, contact work, advisory work, residential services, crisis/critical help, assistance services.

The profile of a graduate of the subsequent study programme Social work is directed at preparation of workers in leading and managerial functions/posts within the framework of state administration, self-administration even in non-governmental organizations. It is drawn up as subsequent studies and is tied together with bachelor´s studies of the Social work branch.

The profile of a graduate of social work in public administration is aimed at education of workers who work in the social sphere at offices and institutions of state administration and self-administration, as well as in European structures. Specifically the exercise of graduates of this new branch may be found in the field of social security, health and pension insurance, in the field of employment policy, and the like.

The department of social work and social policy of the Pedagogical Faculty of Hradec Králové University (PdF UHK) is a full member of Association of educators in social work. It has reassumed a vocational/professional cooperation with the National Centre of social studies and head of the department has been appointed member of a scientific council of this institution.

Cooperation of the department with other institutions - academic and research activities

Together with origination of an independent branch department in 2003 there has repeatedly occurred a need/requirement to take up a former developed cooperation with analogic university workplaces and other vocational workplaces.

The department therefore continues in tradition of regular working meetings - colloquiums of pedagogues, students, pedagogues from cooperating departments and universities and professional public from practice. From these working seminars and conferences are published/issued proceedings which was founded by department members in 2002.

In the field of international cooperation there are already long-term contacts proceeding with the department of social work theory of the Trnava University (Slovak Republic). In cooperation with this department a four-year research intent „Vocational identity of a social worker, the process of its creation" is being prepared.

Into the foreign cooperation we also include exchanges of students and solo study stays of students, ensured within the Socrates program and other stay programs with universities in FRG, Portugal and Great Britain. At present proceed discussions on link-up of international cooperation with analogical workplaces at the Jagellon University in Cracow and Silesian University in Katowice (Polish Republic).

As a natural partner cooperates the Department of social work and social policy in different research and educational projects in the field of social-service work, for example in an international research of history of the drug problems in Europe and development of related social services which has been initiated by the University in Malmő/ Sweden; in the EQUAL project „Development of social services and education of workers in social services" and, last but not least, in the big project „Education of providers and submitters of social services at the territory of the Hradec Králové region" which is co-financed by the European Social Fund and state budget of the Czech Republic.

As a natural partner our department cooperates in different projects directed at education of workers from the sphere of social-service work, for example here we can name an EQUAL project: „Development of social services and education of workers in social services" which the department shares with the Labour Office in Chrudim, Department of Social Pedagogy of the Hradec Králové University and other partners. In the field of scientific and research activity the members of the department have recently participated in a research intent „Social analysis of youth in the East-Bohemian region". The department shares - together with members of the Department of social pathology and sociology and Department of pedagogy and psychology the project of evaluation in the Czech Republic of an experimentally realized/implemented preventive program Lions-Quest-Program - Skill for Adolescence. JUDr. Miroslav Mitlőhner, CSc., head of Department of social work and social policy, is a participant in solution of a grant research project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs „Problems of children´s rights in the Czech Republic with regard to phenomenon of commercial sexual child abuse".Towards 30th June 2003 a two-year grant „CITIZENS ADVICE BUREAUX", obtained from the Jan Hus Foundation, was finished. The above-mentioned gentleman - together with Mgr. Zuzana Truhlářová, secretary of the department - are also members of an expert team of the HEFAISTOS project being realized/implemented during the years 2005-2008 within the EQUAL program. Member of one of transnational partnerships of the mentioned program called „NOVA PEI" is - in addition to representatives of the Czech Republic, Spain and Italy - also an organization UDRUGA INVALIDA RADA ZAGREBA under the management of its President Mrs. Marija Topič.

Among other projects, which is the department in research aimed at, belong for example:

  • Monoparental family as client of social services.
  • Pilot studies of development and changes in the field of drug abuse and development and changes in social services directed at drug problems.
  • Evaluation of programs in social policy and social work.
  • Implicit theories of normality in assisting/helping professions.

The cooperation with local and regional self-administration is represented by regular participation in different surveys of population awareness in social sphere, let´s mention for example: „Survey of user´s needs, level of knowledge on social services and communication canals at local level" of 2006.

Within the framework of extension of cooperation with non-governmental non-profit organizations (NNO) the department has concluded a cooperation with ORFEUS civic association that has a concrete response i.a. in organizing all-state or international seminars that have until now been directed at the problems of partly sexuality of healthwise handicapped/disabled and partly at home violence and healthwise handicapped/disabled persons. If we mention cooperation with ORFEUS civic association, it is necessary to point out in this connection that our department has been - already for a few years - also a co-organizer of all-state congresses on sexual education, organized by the Society for family planning and sexual education, namely every year in Pardubice. In addition the department members - at these events - present themselves with their works particularly from the confines of social problems linked with commercial sexual child abuse. Within the Faculty the department cooperates with departments which are close to it and with their study branches, as e.g. social and charitable work, social pedagogy, social pathology and sociology. In the person of department´s head is concentrated cooperation of the department with the Institute of State and Law of the Czech Republic Academy of Sciences.