ORFEUS, civic association - within its activities in educational sphere - cooperates on a long-term basis and upon a concluded Agreement on partnership and cooperation with the Pedagogical Faculty of the University in Hradec Králové. An executive workplace is the Department of social work and social policy led by JUDr. Miroslav Mitlőhner, CSc. (KSPSP).

The department of social work and social policy, that came into existence on 1st September 2003, guarantees the study of a three-year study bachelor´s program and consequential two-year magisterial program Social work. In 2006 a new three-year field of study Social work in public administration has been opened (more on click ). A concrete response of this cooperation between an academic workplace and a non-government non-profit organization (NNO) is represented particularly by organizing (eventually co-organizing) all-state seminars and conferences and vocational/professional meetings - workshops:

  • 2004 - all-state conference „Sexuality of mentally handicapped";
  • 2005 - all-state conference „Home violence and healthwise handicapped";
  • 2006 - all-state vocational seminar „Role of social economy in enhancing employment of socially excluded groups of the Czech Republic population";
  • 2007 - workshop „Social economy and its role in reducing social exclusion of persons disadvantaged in the labour market";
  • 2008 - conference „Ethical and legal aspects of the home violence";
  • 2008 - all-state conference „Sexuality of mentally handicapped II." (under reparation).

Cooperation with the mentioned department and its members is also reflected in enlistment/appointment of JUDr. Miroslav Mitlőhner, CSc., Head of the department, and Mgr. Zuzana Truhlářová, Secretary of the department, into an expert team of the HEFAISTOS project implemented in the period 2005 - 2008 within the CIP EQUAL program. By means of the mentioned project and through its realized transnational partnerships the department has a possibility to derive benefit even from findings and experiences from Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Croatia.